Plan ahead and order to latest in Beneficial Bacteria technology now! High-tech proprietary ceramics that hang in the water column are constant bio-reactors or bacteria generators. Order now for springtime temperatures, before the rush.
Now is the perfect time of the year to remediate phosphorous in your ponds. Contact us to get your calcium silicate and diatom promoter today! Both nature-based solutions are not temperature-sensitive and work all year round.

Treat deep muck or sludge at the bottom of your pond or lake with the proper beneficial bacteria

  Beneficial Bacteria is safe and effective when applied properly . If you need water clarification, muck and bottom sludge reduction and removal, beneficial bacteria is your solution!  If you need help with determining your bacteria needs, give us a call at 571-436-6327.

How to keep your pond or lake clean and healthy and fish happy and active

There are several ways to keep your pond or lake clean and healthy without using toxic pesticides or chemicals . Here are some of the methods they suggest: Bioremediation and bio-dredging : Instead of draining, dredging, and refilling your pond or lake, you can try bioremediation and bio-dredging to remove excess nutrients and pollution. Calcium Silicate : This natural and organically certified mineral can control filamentous and planktonic algae growth without harming fish or other aquatic vegetation. It removes excess phosphorus through mineral sequestration, forming calcium phosphate, a stable and inert mineral. With its food source eliminated, the algae dies off. Diatom promoter and Beneficial Bacteria : Clean Streams, Rivers and Lakes use Aquaritin diatom promoter and Beneficial Bacteria in their water treatment programs to clean streams, rivers, ponds, and lakes. These treatments work substantially better with less treatment cost when used in combination with Calcium Silicate. If

Winter Pond Care - Nutrient Removal - Winter Algae Treatment

Happy Holidays to all our supporters!  Clean water means Removal of Excess Nutrients, AKA pollution. For troublesome algae, ESPECIALLY the kind that grows in cold water, we found Calcium Silicate with or without monthly Diatom promoter (Aquaritin) does an amazing job of eliminating phosphorous from your pond or lake! Lab experiments have shown that Calcium Silicate will remove 77 percent of the phosphorous in water every 24 hours. Since Calcium Silicate can sometimes take months to completely dissolve it can remove all of the phosphorous in your pond your lake (based on proper dose). This process is known as mineral sequestration and the phosphorous is converted into calcium phosphate (an inert ingredient in water) . Proper dose for any and all Nutrient Removal supplies will be provided NO CHARGE by our charity's scientists.  We have a direct relationship with a mineral mining operation in Ontario, Canada that we purchase bulk aggregate refined into granular by the metric ton. So n
Greetings Clean Water Treatment Supporters! Now that we're into August keep in mind it's not too late to turn around your pond, lake, river or stream and work it through the fall so it's ready for a healthier Spring. Matter of fact some nature based solutions work best this time of year. Ask me how we can get your project on track for a fantastic 3rd and 4th quarter of this year and get it ready for next season.
 Hi CSRL Supporters, We are now in the warm months of the year when Nature Based Solutions work best!  I hope you are all taking advantage of the natural pollution removal methods we can deliver.  Also new field testing has proven that Calcium Silicate (mined and processed into a sand like granular)  works in removing even trace amounts of Phosphorous in water bodies. We are getting great deals on this from MinRock Technologies for now, but don't miss out on this great new natural treatment before prices go up!   Just email or call 571-436-6327 for an estimate on your water body, today!