Hi CSRL Supporters, We are now in the warm months of the year when Nature Based Solutions work best!  I hope you are all taking advantage of the natural pollution removal methods we can deliver.  Also new field testing has proven that Calcium Silicate (mined and processed into a sand like granular)  works in removing even trace amounts of Phosphorous in water bodies. We are getting great deals on this from MinRock Technologies for now, but don't miss out on this great new natural treatment before prices go up!   Just email or call 571-436-6327 for an estimate on your water body, today!
After a long cold winter POND TEMPERATURES ARE NOW OVER 50 EVERYWHERE in Virginia! That means beneficial bacteria will be affective more and more as we move into the summer.  Start using your beneficial bacteria or call us for some today! -Matt
Hi CSRL Supporters, This past winter was forecasted to be mild by many weather people due to the la nina global weather patterns. Well as we have all seen that just did not happen. We've had more winter weather and temperatures than experienced in at least four years. The crops in Florida and other normally warmer states could have benefited from the newer Aquaritin Foliar Spray.  We would have been wiser to plan using the Farmer's Almanac: So, pond owners got a break from treating pollution and excess nutrients during January 2022. In February we're supposed to see some temperature fluctuations that allow for a treatment, then in March we need to be on the lookout for nuisance weeds starting their growth. The sooner nuisance weeds are treated the labor, selective herbicide is much less. Not only that but you have the opportunity to create diatom blooms which have been proven to prevent weeds like watermeal, duckweed

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Here we will post information and news that is important to those we serve. After many years of research and and gathering data we launched this charity last January 22, 2021. In our inaugural year you can see some of our accomplishments posted on our Case Studies  2021 / View Our Page Challenges  page  ( ) . We thank our clients and donors for their generous contributions to our charity. Even the smallest of donations made an impact on helping us obtain equipment and fine tune our procedures for our Water Treatment Program without Chemicals! Thank you!